Barack Obama arrives on Martha’s Vineyard for annual summer vacation

POTUS expresses thanks for the beautiful weather and blessings, and will close out the summer holiday with his wife and ‘many friends and family’

It has been said that summer is the only month of the year to see the president in open weather: today was no exception.

President Barack Obama arrived on Martha’s Vineyard, where he has attended summer vacation every year since moving into the White House in 2009, and will close out the summer holiday with his wife, Michelle, and many friends and family, according to the White House.

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Biden arrived in a helicopter, one he shared with Obama and Texas senator John Cornyn, to greet the US commander-in-chief.

According to the White House, President Obama told Biden that their goal for Thanksgiving dinner would be “sending some anxiety” to a lot of bankers. But Obama joked that the celebration would include “one American official working overtime”: Bob Rubin, a former treasury secretary.

Barack Obama and Joe Biden arrive to greet the president on Martha’s Vineyard. Photograph: Pool/Reuters

The commander-in-chief will eat dinner with his family, according to the White House. The president’s tradition of visiting a turkey farm and helping to butcher the bird has made the event a highlight of his vacation, and in 2012 Obama helped to knock the bird off the chopping block.

There’s been no word yet on whether Obama and Biden would take in any real horsing around with their presidential counterparts in the House or Senate.

This article has been updated to include an item on where the president’s turkey will come from.

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