The perfect workout gear for women’s bodies

Because we are skiing and snowboarding the tourist trails of this northern European nation, we have an endless supply of clothing options and, if you are on the internet, you have a host of well-fitting options online and in all sorts of magazines.

One of our favorite places in the world to get that extra flattering look for one’s body shape is Shop Nova-Green E-couture, which runs a shop devoted to tailoring clothing from sustainable, ethical and organic sources.

The brand’s slogan reads: “Turning fashion fashion into sustainability fashion,” and we like it. Their clothing is both fashionable and made with attention to detail. Even better, they offer alterations in approximately five seconds and are completely disinterested in destroying natural resources.

Ecommerce/Offline (tours) is the name of the game. Since it’s all about one-stop shopping, our go-to place when seeking eco-friendly clothing is the insanely beautiful offline boutique Envogé Boutique in Køge, Oslo. This is the official sponsor of Vail, and also a top stop on countless ski and snowboard tours in Norway. The kooky owner of the store, Lily Bohø, is not only a beautiful skier but a friendly and knowledgeable hostess in a wild and snowy city. Shop Nova and Envogé are the perfect pair — great for wedding dresses, headscarves, clothing for special events and parties.

Check out Shop Nova-Green E-couture below, and for an interactive look at how they dress, go to Shop Nova-Green E-couture.

Video produced by K.C. Barnes, Brad Ziemba

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