7 Funest Tech Gifts for a Shopper’s Best Friend

Skipping a hike through the woods or a picnic in a public park isn’t a stupid idea anymore. With the advent of self-driving cars, walkable city streets, and self-driving roller coasters, tech-savvy humans want more than just to look good while getting some sun. To be sure, these tech-y gifts — for which the internet has far too much money — will look really cool in the world of travel. But don’t forget that we humans are also semi-public people. It’s foolish to turn down gifts of coffee, snacks, and fresh air — no matter how many Bluetooth speakers the CFA touches down on them. You want to walk across the rose-wreathed cobblestone. You want to read a novel on a stick, stuck in a traffic jam. Don’t limit yourself to technology. Christmas wasn’t just about Santa’s big white gifts. And the gift-giving season isn’t over. Go get some of these amazing gifts anyway. And we’ll tell you just which ones are tech.

EpicEars Bluetooth Adventure Speaker with 360 degree sound on Kindle Paperwhite

Any ever-reaching Amazon bonus sale is a great time to unload your old gear and pick up one of these excellent waterproof and weatherproof Bluetooth speakers.

1-4-4 Bluetooth Heartrate Monitoring Smartwatch

A Fitbit for a lot less than the value of a Fitbit on its own. This smartwatch from Fitbit is your heart rate monitor when you’re in a rush — and it’s always going to be handy if you’re in a high-stress situation.

Innovo Cool Bomb USB Charger with Slow Charge

This USB charger from Innovo is perfect for the ladies: It’s a USB power bank capable of delivering enough energy to power up to three phones, gadgets, or tablets. There’s a built-in 50-foot cable — and, if you’re ready to rock some ice cold booze and party, it can even serve as a makeshift booze bottle.

Matsusuki Life Saver Water Purifier

There’s something heroic about an easy-to-clean water purifier. Any streams where dirty water isn’t already identified can be purified with these filtered tap water nozzles, turning dirty drinking water into pure, safe clean water. You can save a bunch of money too: It’s about the same cost as a bottled water bottle.

OtterBox Kraken Tackle Box

A good, durable game case makes it easy to stick your compact gaming system wherever you go. The Kraken is both cool and ready to solve your game case woes.

YoYo Star Sport Hair Dryer

Even hair-obsessed individuals of normal size need hair drying assistance, too. The YoYo is a small hair dryer that does not use electricity to make your hair look sleek and clean — hence the name. The YoYo dries hair without heat or damage to natural oils and hormones. What about it isn’t cool?

AudioGo Meggi 3 Bluetooth Earphones

Accessorize with the accessorizing option at its best: personalization with AudioGo’s headphones. The earphones are rechargeable and comes in color options you don’t see everyday — space grey, white, pink, blue, and so on. You can even get them in matching sweatpants or shorts. Great way to look slim without wearing a hoodie.

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*Note: The tech gift guide of this article was written by Jay Bennett for Winktail.


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Note: The tech gift guide of this article was written by Jay Bennett for Winktail.

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