Speculation mounts that Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reeves are reuniting onscreen

Just two years ago, Sandra Bullock, meanwhile, was languishing in James Cameron’s post-Avatar world of ultra-violent action movies. Time may have stood still for Bullock but Kōjō is making sure that it did not for Keanu Reeves. The Matrix star worked with Bullock for a decade in 2001, and shared a dressing room with her for a while afterwards. It was a time in his life that would prove to be a weirdly transformative one – and one from which he has largely been absent since.

While the pair remain amicable, their relationship ended acrimoniously. The subject came up during a recent interview that came as a surprise to many; despite Bullock having barely been visible in the film industry since the time of those three movies, she and Reeves are reportedly back in the business. Bullock, who has recently announced plans to join the board of Amazon Studios, explained her status by saying: “There is one movie we did called Speed 2: Cruise Control. Everybody has forgotten it.”

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“Kōjō, I talked to you about another one.”

“The truth is, I didn’t even care. But you said it, so we’ll do it.”

The idea of an explicit on-screen reunion with Reeves has been kicking around the two-film groupie set for a while. An official news blog post published last December purported to give us all hope, saying: “For years, people have been asking whether the two might get back together, and now a studio has reached out to them and suggested a movie together!” There was no veracity to the report. A bit of rumour didn’t do much to disprove it, with Reeves saying: “Sandra and I are friends, but we are not doing anything together. It is an interesting idea, but I am not sure I would put it in the annals of good cinema.”

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