Secrets of a $15M borrowing deal with the military

On the eve of the Mexican presidential election, Esnews reporter Jesús Ocasio-Cortez wades into the debate about foreign policy in Mexico. Ocasio-Cortez, whose mother is Mexican, weighs in on the race between leftists Andrés Manuel López Obrador and Ricardo Anaya, who both want to modernize the country’s international relationships.

On Alberto Acosta, the FARC guerrilla who returned to Colombia after 22 years of exile in Venezuela. Acosta’s wife, Carolina Hoyos, and seven of their seven children are in Colombia and he is leading in the polls. He was until recently in exile in Venezuela, where he started a political party. WICT president Barbara Paige says international pressure has made it possible for Acosta to be reintegrated into Colombian society.

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On Arizona’s state budget. Three months ago, the state of Arizona was in dire straits. But in the past few weeks, Governor Doug Ducey’s razor-thin victory in the recall election was annulled, bringing more stability to the state. CNN News reports that $15 million is expected to be returned to the state and the fiscal future has brightened.

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On Tech.miles, a Massachusetts-based group that helps undocumented students apply for financial aid. The Georgetown staff member who helped bring Tech.miles to the D.C. area was reminded of her former colleagues at Washington Latin American Student Association. But the program uses artificial intelligence to filter out questionable applications, verifying what is required to get a college degree by digitizing educational records.

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