A sports guide for your holidays

You might be confused by all the different terminology used in the coming months when talking about holiday news and advice. So I thought I would take a closer look at what’s going to happen during the World Cup and Paralympics.

Ollie Nicholls, Director of Sport, CNN International, explains what to expect with the coverage on Wednesday 15 October at 1615 GMT (0315-0400 UTC) in a special podcast. Here are his top tips for getting the best out of 2018’s sporting action.

CNN has also launched a fresh season of CNN Travel comedy sketch show, and its stars have put together a list of the ten best hotels in the world for when you travel.

The stars, Julien Serbasini, Micha Mouhamed, Ross McGardin and Sara Darfi have also given their advice on what kind of holiday you should have with each of the ten destinations:

For a full list of what’s going on around the world when you travel, listen to the BBC World News.

Cheap deals – £100 flights on a budget airline deal

When you buy tickets you can also pick an airline or budget airline, so why not choose Thomas Cook? You can bag yourself a flight for just £100 from Amsterdam to Bali, or to Glasgow from Southampton. For even bigger savings you can pick a flight that covers your entire family to spend a week on holiday in the USA. To find out more: check out their deals page or check Thomas Cook’s holiday deals section.

‘National channels’ – Four cable companies join forces

Apparently it is going to cost less for cable subscribers to watch BBC, ITV, Channel 4 and Channel 5 in 2018. All four broadcasters are preparing their new 4K channels and this is what you will be able to see on your TV at home in the UK. For a full list of what is on 4K telly and which channels will broadcast them go to www.channel4.com/4k, or tune into the UK TV section of 4oD.

Nations watch on TV – it’s gone on the telly

Vietnam had never really been on TV in the UK before, but that’s changed in a big way with the recent football World Cup, and it will continue to do so with the power of TV. The rise of internet media has provided a means for many countries to have their content broadcast here and be seen by a global audience.

The experience of CNN will help you find the best hotels for your trip to your chosen destination.


What’s the buzz? What stories do global newspapers want you to know? It’s all in the new playlist below:

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