Let’s talk about the Canadian Karate Kid, with Glee’s Mark Salling

Let it be known that we, the cast of Cobra Kai, have a minor soft spot for the Hollywood private eye portrayed by Mr. Andrew Garfield. When they gathered recently at Rick Springfield’s house to reminisce about the first movie, The Karate Kid, without Mr. Paul Reubens (who may have kept a karate chop in his back pocket to this day), they were surprised to find out that a behind-the-scenes project called Cobra Kai is in the works.

The plan is to portray what the old movie foretold: All of the Japanese characters in the original were depicted as villains. The film was only effective when it told the story of how a bullied boy who bonded with a gladiator-like private eye was able to face his bully at the end, and it’s a shame that Hollywood has yet to learn that lesson.

So when Mr. Andrew Garfield finally arrived at the event with his wife and their young son, they were delighted to learn that the actor had been hard at work on a follow-up to The Karate Kid. The cast made sure to leave a sweet note for Mr. Garfield as they laughed together about potential directors, directions, and how Mr. Garfield would be perfect for a character set in that world. As is to be expected, the footage was amazing:

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