Beer drinkers in Rome once swamped Colosseum with barrels, now they drink alcohol-free

The Catholic Church has been taken to task for a lack of efforts to protect some of Rome’s most famous structures in recent years, but at least one place is lucky to be immune.

Roman beer-makers Adnams became beer-guzzling tourists to avoid crowds when the crowds hit the Colosseum. The low-alcohol beer has become a crowd-pleaser at the historic venue, which is the third-highest tourist attraction in the city, after the Pantheon and the Trevi Fountain.

“They can’t get round it, and that would never work for a sparkling wine,” Edie Marchant, one of the Adnams bosses, told the Times. “It’s so intoxicating.”

But will people keep enjoying it if an alcohol-free adnams beer were to be offered? The company hasn’t commented on the potential innovation.

Meanwhile, the Colosseum was also recently frequented by an X-rated Russian couple on the “Flayetá,” a new social media phenomenon that has the mysterious ability to pair fans with famous couples. A group of online “flayeers” have traveled to Rome for a night out on the town, looking for matches.

If they feel like listening to a band on the far end of the venue, they can provide a short description of themselves, and will be paired up with a featured “flayal.” And not surprisingly, they’re hoping to impress the Colonel.

Editor’s note: The video below contains strong language.


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