Bryan Adams: Cancer ‘recently diagnosed’ singer

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Bryan Adams performs in Winnipeg, Canada, earlier this year

British pop singer Bryan Adams has been confirmed to have cancer for the second time in a month, this time in his eyes.

The 61-year-old has been treated for leukaemia following his diagnosis in August and revealed in September that the cancer has returned.

Adams’ publicist has confirmed to the BBC that the singer had “recently” been diagnosed with carcinoid syndrome and has been receiving treatment.

His treatments, including immunotherapy and natural medicine, will continue.

“Since Bryan has been diagnosed with COLSA (carcinoid syndrome), there was no change in his treatment plan. Bryan is continuing his treatment,” his representative said.

Video caption Decca Records boss: ‘I’m here for him’, if Bryan Adams needs us

The Rheostatics frontman Adam Rozeny, who has been friends with Adams for 35 years, said the pop star is “being positive about all things”.

“I’m sure it’s very, very hard, but he’s doing very well and we all love him very much,” Rozeny said.

“We’re here for him if he needs us.”

Speaking to the BBC in a since-deleted video clip which has since been discovered on social media, Adams asked fans to send their messages of love to his children.

“This has been a tough month for us all,” he said.

“I know you’re suffering, and want to say that I love you. But you need to have time away.”

When asked by Rozeny about his cancer recurrence, he said: “Oh it’s there and it’s gone and it’s probably coming back again. That’s normal.

“I’m here for you,” he added.

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