Historic John Whiting Farm in Readington, NJ, is New York Times Best Seller

On the morning of November 11, Nov. 12, and 14, Farm Revival Ambassadors, N.J. — a farm solidarity-based program created to provide rural villagers with access to health care, more farming opportunities, and ecological education — passed out free copies of local historic site Andy, the Milky Way chronicle. The tiny century-old story of a farm in Readington, N.J., has somehow survived the downsizing of its earlier owner, and now only needs the help of a few dedicated villagers to remain an important part of their local literary history.

Andy, the Milky Way chronicle

Andy, the Milky Way chronicle

Readington’s otherwise lovely historic mill is tucked away amongst a wall of farmland, allowing it to feel a bit secluded. Coming from a small farming community, reading local history can bring back memories of your childhood—it can also conjure up images of your parents’ and grandparents’ past, and therefore the past of your community. Andy, the Milky Way chronicle will help bring that rich history into your hands, and allow you to share it with others who live nearby.

Readington, N.J.: A Farm Community Intent on Preserving Its Charm November 11-17, 2015 By Jeffrey Bax When you grew up in Readington, N.J., you probably had your own favorite author or author of local history. You likely had an older relative or neighbor who told you about “Helen,” or “Herschel,” or “Onegland.” You probably traveled to New York City as a teen, and listened to your teachers tell you how important it was to keep your eye on the local history for your hometown. Readington, N.J., preserves all of those things; at the same time, they preserve something that is of the highest importance to a young adult: the farm. For years, everyone has called Readington “the farm,” and everyone has at least some idea of how the farm came to be, and how it has stayed the same, despite the tides of changes that have taken over the surrounding area. The farm happens to be Readington, a tiny community located in Readington Township, NJ, about 15 miles north of Philadelphia. More information Readington, N.J.: A Farm Community Intent on Preserving Its Charm November 11-17, 2015 By Jeffrey Bax Some people who grew up here wrote children’s stories or adaptations of stage plays. Others brought local history to life, looking into the folklore, folklore, and traditions of many communities. Others imagined their hometown in more fantastical terms, like through the tales of “Wayne,” the inhabitant of the small farm who has lived through every version of modern history in Readington, much of it adapting the mores and buildings of the homelands of giants. Readington, N.J.: A Farm Community Intent on Preserving Its Charm About a dozen generations after this charming family farm was established, the small farm still stands alone on a steep piece of land, and the family has preserved the traditions and histories they know. They maintain their legacy by sharing these stories with the young adults who have grown up in and around the farm, and those who attend the Readington History Fair each year. Keep up with the history of Readington, N.J.

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