Swirling with elves, snow and dogs: the Norwegian Christmas ad season continues

As the tourist trade heads into the dark side, a female Santa looks on as male elves get busy in the night

Santa takes a bath

“Santa Claus, the world’s first hybrid Christmas elf,” say the lyrics to this Norwegian Christmas commercial as the little chimney man heads to the tub with snow and a flurry of presents waiting for him to emerge.

Also donning slippers and a fleece, Santa opens the water to reveal his various ensembles – the “ballroom dancer” elf, the snow angel elf, the beach patrol elf, the wedding elf and the “aerial sea” elf to top off the festive Christmas ensemble.

“He’s like your boyfriend in real life,” said the jolly man in the report.

Helensbør, Norweigan tourism, is encouraging everyone to try reindeer sleigh rides, polar bear watching and ice skating when the country prepares to host visitors from around the world next winter.

More snow

A Lapland explorer makes one final circumnavigation with one last blow

The 50-year-old Togepjø, Bjørnspublique, Arctic Pioneers, took this extraordinary photo of his last circumnavigation of northern Lapland.

Dog sledding through snow

The “Pig tent” dog sled was used by the animals of Voivod, Norway, during their long travel across the frozen woods in high winds.

Norwegian television company Kongol went the animal friendly route this year and recorded the camels, horses and dogs moving along a path under the snow.

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