Suspected ‘Cuba syndrome’ case dates back to the Cuba missile crisis

Beginning in 1977, Cuban officials convinced hundreds of Americans that they were healthy and required no medication or medical treatment when they in fact were suffering from a mysterious condition. When these Americans were not classified as patients for weeks, medical professionals around the world, and dozens of Cuban doctors, were puzzled.

Over time, the disease was dubbed “Havana Syndrome” and it eventually was blamed on Soviet doctors and unknowingly, communist theoreticians.

If confirmed, the reported cases of unexplained illnesses on the U.S.S. Florida, the longest-serving ship in the U.S. Pacific Fleet, would be the worst mass case of mysterious illness to hit U.S. service members and civilians outside of the military over the past decade.

The nearly 500 alleged cases were reported during wartime. The most recent and most advanced evidence of the Cuba syndrome is some circumstantial evidence reported on several ship decks in the past decade, testimony from U.S. service members who apparently have or tried the disorder, and scientific discussions to the contrary.

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