Black Lives Matter activists post ‘Thanksgiving’ message about President-elect Trump

A post shared by Black Lives Matter | Los Angeles (@nbblablacklivesmatter) on Nov 26, 2016 at 11:42am PST

Black Lives Matter activists in Los Angeles raised eyebrows Sunday with a Thanksgiving comment on Instagram aimed at President-elect Donald Trump.

“So thankful for our stolen land!” #BlackLivesMatter activists posted on their Instagram Sunday night, alongside a Thanksgiving video and photo montage.

While the activist group did not explicitly reference the President-elect in the post, which comes just days after Donald Trump defeated Hillary Clinton in the U.S. presidential election, some noticed that the caption attached to the post seemed to refer to it.

“Thanksgiving food come one, thanksgiving food go f*** yourself,” was the caption shared with the post, leading people to speculate if Black Lives Matter Los Angeles was sending a social media message to President-elect Trump.

Responding to the rumors, Black Lives Matter Los Angeles, which claims to be the largest activist network in California, posted Sunday night on Twitter that its statement had been taken out of context.

“Are y’all trying to imply @BLMLA is speaking against Trump? No no no,” one member tweeted Sunday night. “the post is a reminder that thanksgiving is a day for thanks, freedom and to reaffirm humanity.”

Black Lives Matter (@BLMLA) responded to the controversy on Instagram in a more direct way.

“If you have a better pic, tag us! I can’t keep up,” member Felicia Hamlet wrote on Instagram Sunday night.

Hamlet also posted a brief video about the controversial Thanksgiving post, which has been viewed more than 178,000 times.

The short video shows images of some people who appear to be Santa’s elves and vegetables from the former owner of a now-closed fast food restaurant. In the caption, the group cites reasons like the use of “Santa’s elves to stand in for white political leaders” and “the threat of poor people taking food from the rich.”

A post shared by Black Lives Matter | Los Angeles (@nbblablacklivesmatter) on Nov 26, 2016 at 11:39am PST

Black Lives Matter Los Angeles’ statement has since been deleted, and it’s not clear if the original post will be replaced.

CNN has reached out to Black Lives Matter Los Angeles for comment.

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