Transgender actor Brandon Kyle Goodman tells the story of auditioning for Big Mouth

Brandon Kyle Goodman, a nonbinary voice actor who has been voicing many characters on Big Mouth, some of which have been created specifically for him. Goodman often shares his stories on social media. Read an excerpt of this post below.

As I went to audition for Big Mouth, I was really nervous because I felt that I needed to get it right, that I needed to prove myself, that I could at least hold my own. And my agent helped me relax, told me not to focus on my body language, relax on my lines. The director told me she didn’t want to talk about my voice because he’d be down to work with anyone. And I was like, “Cool, just give me your line.” And he said, “Okay, I got it. But what if it comes out wrong? Will you still be on the show?” That was a very scary thought because I thought, “Oh my God. This can go terribly wrong. They’re going to ask me to change the role, cut the song, and we’re all not gonna talk to each other.”

While I was sitting there waiting to hear the news, I was like, “Wait. There’s something wrong. They’re not telling me what they’re saying, so I need to find out.” The only way to find out was to take the test with them. I finally got it. Now I’m the voice actor who’s also playing all these parts. It was really surreal. So now my dream is to be on Big Mouth. They’re always doing voice changes to my characters, so I’m kind of waiting to see what the next big thing is that they’re gonna do.

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