The Euro has overtaken the U.S. as Europe’s most popular destination for U.S. tourists

The latest rankings from document changes in the way a number of countries welcome American tourists in the last year. The latest list looks at 31 European and North American destinations ranked by how many arrivals they recorded from the U.S. last year compared to five years ago.

West Germany rose to third place. The U.S. recorded a 2.5 percent increase in visitors between 2010 and 2015. As a result, West Germany’s rank leapt 14 spots. Canada increased its U.S. tourist arrivals by 14 percent between 2010 and 2015, and its rank rose eight spots. France has the biggest increase, 27 percent, and is now ranked 19th, ahead of Germany.

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The No. 1 destination for U.S. tourists in 2015 was Italy. Here are the rankings.

Destination/Countries Rank

Italy 10

Turkey 44

South Korea 72

Russia 72

United Kingdom 83

United States 86

Hawaii 85

Spain 86

Tunisia 87

Mexico 88

New Zealand 90

Hungary 91

Brazil 92

Mexico City 93

Italy Gardens 94

Dominican Republic 95

Portugal 95

Portugal 95

Guatemala 96

Anguilla 97

Ireland 98

Mexico City 98

Guatemala City 98

Italy 122

Germany 122

Canada 122

United Kingdom 125

Korea 126

France 126

Spain 127

Japan 129

Australia 132

Lebanon 133

Panama 134

Zimbabwe 134

Mexico City 134

Mexico City 134

Germany 134

Italy 134

Spain 134

Canada 134

The Huffington Post’s Lauren Gambino, who compared the data over the same period, described the ranking as “remarkable.” But she was less enamored with the ranking of France.

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