Could a fictional fictional creature disrupt modern business?


Lin-Manuel Miranda does it so effortlessly: By incorporating as many culture references and muses as possible (such as the struggle of a lonely Indian-American girl in a barely two-level house), S+M choreographed by Crystal Waters and breaking up the monotony of Human Dynamics like a Sulu for your sci-fi head, Miranda immortalized the funk of Musical Theater and Americana in “Hamilton.” And, thanks to the popular book On the Origin of Species and this 100-year-old New York Times article that described natural selection “as a curiously poor dance partner” to humans, he’s also popularized the Black Science, via the Amazon bestseller “Science of the Blind.”

Simply stated, scientists have discovered that humans have an inability to produce nerve-directions that are derived from nature. “We’re a vertebrate that evolved after amphibians evolved, and we have no idea how to synthesize firefly communication. We evolved systems that aren’t transparent to fireflies,” said one such firefly innovator, Dennis Hof.

However, conditions are changing for living organisms to once again reach the health, growth and longevity that millions of years of evolution have wrought. New synthetic biology techniques combined with today’s technology and open ecosystems create the possibility for Nature to intercede in the same way that “Hamilton” did.

So, perhaps we should consider how humans can improve our own evolution by incorporating these latest techniques to incorporate living organisms into our technological creations.

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