On the morning of February 11, some of the Yassifying started

Is there such a thing as Yassification? If you’re like us, you were pretty sure right now that the answer is “no,” and we’re not the only ones. In our hearts, we feel that way. Yassification — the practice of

socializing and generating memes of yourself — can be viewed as self-centered and possibly unnecessary in a digitally-connected age. But was Yassification invented by your mind, or by other humans? We believe it was made, or enhanced, by mankind. “Yassification” dates back to pre-historic times, but its origins are unknown — if you truly believe the meme caused itself, that would be proof positive! We’re sure there are many other Yassification-related things we’ve missed, but for now, we’ll stick to the basics.

(Although now that we think about it, if some Negrobots are making memes out of themselves, then they could be part of Yassification. There’s something very AlphaGo about it.)

1. YassifyBot: Everything from posters to cute old photos to public Facebook statuses.

2. Yassify.in: “Saying good morning” filters out all other sounds in the environment. Good morning now!

3. Yassify.me: Shares the same picture and says “Good morning” in front of the person taking the picture.

4. YassifyBox: A cute picture of yourself, with cheesy “Hello?” written out in small print in the bottom corner.

5. YassifyToys: Customized stuffed toys with little “Hey! Hello! How are you?”-filled boxes they’re also able to make themselves.

6. Rumpshine: The Rumpstickian Rumpshine meme makes the case that, “If you’re happy, they ain’t you!”

7. Yassify, as a hashtag: Uses the #Yassify hashtag and posts their own cute, adorable or selfish tidbits in its own comments section.

8. El Smuggler: Basically the Ignorant Smuggler meme, but without the moral authority. The rhyming name also conveys it.

9. Eldrid: Sounds like only an Amazon toy can kill a cactus.

10. Stupid Smuggler: Although we had trouble finding this one, but it’s probably best to stay away from stupid smuggler memes!

11. Smug Smuggler: Maybe you have a Smug Smuggler on your computer, right?

12. Smarmy Smuggler: Although Smarmy Smuggler is more of a quirky meme, it’s inextricably tied to Stupid Smuggler, as Smarmy Smuggler is also the original Smarmy Smuggler.

13. Crass Smuggler: The Crass Smuggler is basically just the Smarmy Smuggler.

14. Smouldering Smuggler: Just a bunch of dirty or suggestive jokes. Or it could be sarcastic sarcasm, because Smouldering Smuggler pairs well with countless “methinks” memes.

15. I, a human: With ridiculously cute human faces.

16. I, a Kylie Jenner: Part of the OG Kylie Jenner mix-up. The most notable part of this is that Kylie Jenner appeared on the 2007 cover of Time, even though she wasn’t even born yet!

17. I, a Teeth: Combines, almost like a pair of teeth, the Natural Smile meme with the Tax Payer – Tax Avenger meme, which we know has a lot of fans.

18. Hattie: One of the earliest Yassify-like creatures, Hattie makes “poop poop poo” faces in most of their posts.

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