Korea’s ’10-minute city’ could become world leader

Image copyright EPA Image caption The city is looking to target 18- to 34-year-olds

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Korean city of Seoul has announced plans to create a futuristic high-tech “10-minute city”.

The city is looking to target 18- to 34-year-olds. It plans to have 90% of its housing zones pedestrianised by 2030, and will provide public transport around every corner.

The city government hopes the scheme will make it one of the top five global innovation hubs by 2035.

It says its aim is to become a city known for its walkability, healthy environment and water quality.

Speaking to reporters during the unveiling of the plans on Tuesday, Seoul mayor Park Won-soon said the city was committed to creating an urban environment which is suitable for all age groups.

He said it should make its mark on the world’s smart city experience.

Image copyright EPA Image caption The city wants 90% of its housing zones to be pedestrianised by 2030

The city hopes to develop “green space” in its landscape to promote ecological living.

It also wants to provide new public places with social options and better transportation options, including public buses, reserved lanes for cyclists and a high-speed train system.

But whether Seoul will be able to stick to its targets depends heavily on the strength of economic growth at home.

The city was the country’s third largest in 2016, after Seoul, the capital, and Gwangju, where President Moon Jae-in grew up.

It has an annual economic output of nearly 300 billion US dollars (US$257bn; £204bn).

“Those who create modern lifestyles will gain strength and power. Those who don’t have a foot-race will fail,” Mr Park said.

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